Gear List


Sony a7 iii- I finally made the migration to full frame at the end of 2018 and I'm still getting use to it but this camera is a work horse.  So far I have used it in all types of weather conditions and is functioning perfectly.  

Sony a6300- Before got the a7 iii this was my main camera (and before that it was the a5000).  This is a great aps-c camera and with it I got amazing images.  I still use this camera in backpacking trip that I want to reduce my pack's weight.


Sony 16-35 mm f/4- there's not much to add.  Its a pretty amazing lens.

Sony 70-200 mm f/4- same as with the 16-35.

Tamron 28-75 mm f/2.8-  this is an amazing mid-range lens and for it's price it difficult to beat.

Sony 24-240 mm f3.5-6.3- initially I had my reservations with this lens but after traveling 3 week through Patagonia with it I can say that this will be my go-to lens (with the 16-35) whenever I'm backpacking and pack weight is a concern.


Sony 16-70 mm f/4-  this is not the best lens but for its size and weight it get the job done.

Rokinon 12mm f/2.0- great little lens for astro and any wide-angle images.

The best thing about the Sony-e system is that you can use the lenses in full-frame and app-c cameras.  All my full-frame lenses can be use in the 6300 with no problem.


3 Legged Thing Brian-  This tripod is great for backpacking, its lightweight (Insert weight) and pretty sturdy for its size.  You have the option of removing the center column to make it lighter or if you want to get really low with it.  Also one of the legs can be unscrew to function as a mono-pod.

3 Legged Thing Airhed 360º- The Brian comes with the Airhed Neo ball head which is pretty good.  I opted to get the AirHed 360º for its integrated planing plate at the arch-swiss clamp.  This panning head is amazing for taking panoramas without leveling the tripod; serves as a substitute for a leveling base (less gear to carry!!).

This page in under construction and I'll be adding more information in the upcoming days.

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