About - Jose A. Feliciano

Hello and thanks for stoping by. I'm a Nature, Landscape and sometimes Travel photographer based Denver, Colorado. For me photography is just a hobby that pushes me to explore more, hike more, go camping more.  My images are mostly of Colorado and the American West and the occasional overseas locations. 

I started seriously thinking about photography on 2016 after moving to Colorado and not being happy with the photos I was taking of the place I was hiking to.  Since then I have devoured every bit of knowledge I have found on the inter webs regarding photography: gear, composition, colors, post processing, etc.  I finally got tired of my photos being displayed small on Instagram and decided to create this webpage. 

If you are interested in prints of one of my images, want to talk with me, tell me how bad my images are or ask me anything don't hesitate to click the Contact Me form and send me a message.

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